Afro Divas thick 4b/c Afro hair is perfect for you to canerow, twist and create all sorts of hair styles.


The likeness, texture and feel of the hair have purposely been designed to elicit a harmonious sensory experience of recognition and/or comfort.


19 accessories for included to aid your creativity.

F4 .Afro Diva Styling Doll & 19 Accessories

£48.99 Regular Price
£39.19Sale Price
    • Size: H27, W22.5, D10cm
    • Material: Vinyl
    • Safety standards: EN 71  
    • Accessories included:
      • X1 Hair dryer (battery operated)
      • X1 Toy scissors
      • X1 Comb
      • X1 Hairbrush
      • X1 Cape
      • X2 Crocodile clips
      • X4 Hair clips
      • X5 Hair Bands
      • X1 Accessory Belt
      • X1 Product dispenser
      • X1 Hair perfume bottle