MyStyle HEDz aim is to get children to positively embrace the authentic diverse characteristics of hair, consequently building acceptance though play. Psychologists have proven the ramifications, of what omitting characteristics from a doll, can have on a child’s acceptance of the omitting point of difference.


As a Toy styling head primary feature is hair, it made sense to create doll with closest truest reflection of this unique feature. The likeness, texture and feel of the hair on our dolls have purposely been designed to elicit a harmonious sensory experience of recognition and/or comfort.

Understanding, that doll play is beneficial for a child’s confidence, fine motor skills and emotional development. We don’t take child play for granted, so decided to create the brand MyStyle HEDz to fill that Gap omitted from styling dolls. 

Why we created MyStyle HEDz

Many years ago I was so surprise to my reaction when my friend sent me a picture of a black doll. It wasn't as if I had never seen a black doll before, but yet my heart melted. I stopped for a moment to think why and realised it was the hair. The hair had been wire rodded by the owner, creating an Afro.  


Growing up I did not have much interest in dolls, so I would have of never imagined this small vital point of difference, could have such a huge emotional impact on me. 


This personal experience together with my reaction to the Clark and Clark doll test, which used dolls to highlight the psychological effects of segregation, led me to look into the importance of dolls and the many ways they work as a tool (medium) for children.

World 1st toys, REALLY? YES.

Have you ever seen a toy styling head with Afro 4b/c texture hair? Or Curly 3b/c textured before?

Well say Hello to Afro Diva and Curly Diva the two styling head Dolls that make up the current MyStyle HEDz collection.

Curly treats
cut out
cut out